Monday, 22 February 2010

Po boys and a melted spoon :(

Every Monday night my boyfriend and I try a new recipe. Tonight we made shrimp Po'boys. They were pretty good although I would just skip the salt it was wayyyy to much! We started off deep frying them which was a pretty frighting experience so we quickly turned to the oven. We did how ever loose the spoon :(


Fern the Sock Monkey

With a name like Fern it's no wonder that she's a nature lover. She spends most of her time digging up earth worms and taking pictures of birds. One day she hopes to be a Ecologist. What a green little Monkey!

Welcome to The Monkey Factory!

Welcome to the Monkey Factory! Home of Cheeky little Sock Monkeys made with love. Here I will show you brand new Monkeys, Etsy shops, new projects and more!

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